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Why do we emphasize safety?

We do this because it's important and not everyone does. Getting sick or having avoidable skin reactions is no fun!

There are multiple face painters, body painters, and airbrush artists in the Portland area who use products that are not intended for use on skin or who don't keep their kits sanitary.

Craft paint, automotive paint, etc, we've heard and seen it used. I once had a model beg me not to use products that required paint thinner to take off of her, a previous person had literally painted her body with car paint! 

The Gilded Cat keeps our kits clean, we don't reuse sponges on multiple faces, and we use products that follow FDA guidelines for makeup and special effects. Some of our products, such as our airbrush makeup, have been third-party tested in independent laboratories for skin safety.

Craft paints, acrylic paint, car paints, including airbrush craft paint, does not use FDA-compliant pigments.  These products may say they are non-toxic, but that's not the same thing as having been tested for use in and around eyes, the nose, and the mouth.

When you know better, you can do better. However, s
ome of the other artists know better and still use improper products because they're vastly cheaper than appropriate ones. While those cost savings can be passed onto the client, it comes at the cost of safety.

Disgusting face painter kit

Photo taken 2022 in Portland of a face painter's set up (not mine!)

Dirty brush sitting in water, re-using sponges on multiple faces, open beverages on the same surface as tools used on the face - please pick a face painter who does better!

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