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The Fun is Done - Now how do I get it off?

Face Paint Removal

One of the questions I hear frequently is, "Can I sleep in it?"

Face paint is a cosmetic product. Just like regular makeup, you can sleep in it, but there runs the risk of the product transferring to your pillow. It does wash off of faces pretty easily, but I can't speak to the ease of getting it out of sheets. 

I do recommend washing it off at the end of the night.

  1. Start with a liquid, gentle, tear-free soap or baby shampoo.

  2. Apply your soap FIRST and rub into the paint to break down the product.

  3. Then, gently wash the  product away with gentle circles.

  4. DO NOT SCRUB. Little faces become irritated easily with wash cloth abrasiveness. I don't recommend baby wipes for removal on faces as it's also easy to scrub too hard.

  5. You can repeat this process twice. 

  6. If there is still some "ghosting" of the face paint (usually darker colors on fair skin), you can apply some gentle moisturizer, let it it on these areas, and then try washing it away.

  7.  For my kiddo, doing this all in the bathtub usually has the best, least messy results!

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